Is It Safe to Roller Skate During Pregnancy?

Can I go roller skating while pregnant?Whether it’s summers or winters, roller skating is one of the sports that people, especially women, love to indulge in.

It is exciting, fun and can help tone the body and posture.

However, pregnant women are advised not to roller skate before their delivery.

Regardless of the stage you are at, pregnancy requires you to indulge in only light exercises like walking and cycling as recommended by doctors. Pregnant women should avoid roller skating because it can lead to exhaustion, falling, or a number of other accidents. However, you can return to the sports after delivery with your doctor’s approval.

As always, our official advice would be to consult your Doctor. But to skate on the safe side of things, skating while pregnant is not recommended.

Is it Safe to Roller Skate When Being Pregnant?

During pregnancy, women have to be extra cautious at all times. So getting on some skates might not be the best way to kill boredom. Roller skating, rollerblading, ice skating, and soaping are not recommended for women because they can lead to a number of issues, such as:


The most obvious risk of skating is falling. Since roller skating requires you to pick up speed and get ahead of your competitors, the chances of you falling on your stomach are high. But this is not always due to an increased speed.

Even in the early days, your stomach expands and gains around 10 to 15 extra pounds during pregnancy. This makes your body uneven and results in your stomach throwing off your center of gravity. Falling during skating can result in a fatal injury to you, your child, or even both. It can also separate the placenta from the fetus or induce premature labor.

Being Pushed

You are also at risk of being pushed by a fellow skater. This often occurs unintentionally in the spirit of the game, and no one is to blame here. A fellow skater can easily push you and make you lose balance and fall. This also results from you having a higher center of gravity.

Even if this doesn’t lead to a miscarriage, getting pushed can result in a serious injury. You can slip and fall or simply experience induced labor. It is also worth remembering that events unfold so quickly during a game that you are likely to put yourself at huge risk despite being cautious. So it’s better to be cautious.


How Long After Giving Birth Can I Return to Roller Skating?

Many people recommend waiting at least 9 months after giving birth before returning to the sport, but there is no scientific evidence to back such a prolonged waiting period. Much like many other forms of strenuous exercises, women can return to skating in about six to eight weeks of their recovery.

Many women are passionate about the sport and want to return to it just a few weeks after giving birth. However, the time restriction is different for women who have had a difficult birth and have stitches on their body. In the latter case, it’s better to wait and listen to your body. This is because skating can damage your stitches and result in a bacterial infection or, in the worst cases: a serious injury.

But if you want to return to the sport as soon as possible, there are a couple of things you can do to speed up your recovery.

Practice Connection Breath

Since most of the body is busy concentrating on the child’s growth, your muscles aren’t working at their optimum level. Practicing connection breath will put you on the right track and help you develop your functioning core.

Start With a Walk

Before you rush to do strenuous exercise, make sure you indulge in some walking exercises to build up lost stamina. This is likely going to help you stay focused during skating.

Develop Your Posture

Another thing that can speed up your recovery is focusing on good posture. Your posture often suffers when you are pregnant, and it’s important to take it back to a straight and ideal position. To do this, try some basic yoga and meditation exercises and then move up from there.

Can You Roller Skate with a Stroller?

Although there are a few risks associated, you can still roller skate with a stroller. However, you should ensure that you have recovered from your delivery and can remain vigilant. You also need to modify the stroller to enhance its safety with equipment such as handbrake, suspension, and lockable feet.

While using a roller stake, you need to ensure that both you and your baby are safe from potential harm. Strollers usually come with safety locks and other pre-installed safety equipment, but you can make further modifications, such as:


When you are roller skating, you and your baby have a high speed, which means there is a high chance of accidents. This is where handbrakes come in; they help you apply emergency stops in danger.

Lockable Front Wheels

Some strollers come with a locking mechanism at the wheel and can be locked directly. The front wheels help with turning because when you go really fast, your front wheel swivel and make your stroller unstable.

Five-point Harness

This acts like a seat belt, similar to the ones you put on in the car. Because you have an infant with you, you need to ensure their comfort and safety. A 5-point harness provides stability to your child and ensures his comfort.


This is to provide extra comfort and protection to the baby. Since you will be going really fast, there may be bumps on the skating rink that can shake and toss your baby. Suspensions help provide the baby with extra stability.

Wrist Strap

When you are going at a fast speed, there is always a risk of something unpredictable happening, like you losing the handle of the stroller. In these cases, a wrist strap or a safety tether will keep the connection between you and the stroller intact. However, ensure that you don’t hold on to the tether too tightly because that might result in an accident.

Extendable Handlebar

Roller skates increase your height, and you may find it difficult to hold on to your stroller comfortably. An extendable handlebar ensures that you don’t have to hunch down while grabbing the stroller. These also come with good adjustability, so you can extend and retract them when needed.

Consult a Doctor

If you feel like you are ready for skating during and after pregnancy, you should definitely consult your doctor first. A doctor will assess your case individually and help and guide you during the process. He will also advise you on the right time to go back to the sport.

It is universally believed that pregnant women should not indulge in strenuous activities, let alone a dangerous sport that can result in a miscarriage. However, if you still have some confusion, you can always consult your doctor.

Almost all doctors will advise you to refrain from the sport during pregnancy; however, the opinion of professionals after postpartum may vary from person to person and from case to case.

Every woman has a unique medical history and a different recovery time, so it’s better to ask a doctor than to make presumptions yourself. Some women undergo additional issues like asthma along with postpartum recovery, thus making their cases special and worthy of attention. So if you have any underlying conditions, make sure you inform your doctor.

Your doctor will advise you on the following things:

  • When is it safe for you to return to skating
  • How you can speed up your recovery
  • Whether you have undergone any serious complications that may hinder progress
  • Whether you should stick to the basics or indulge in high-impact skating
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